Moms Who Inspire: Myla Rugge, The Seattle Mom Prom Founder


Dust off those strappy sandals and pink taffeta gown, because prom isn’t just for kids anymore. One Seattle mom is giving all moms a chance to redo prom without all the drama of our teen years. Seattle Mom Prom is the prom you always wanted; great tunes, good friends, and no waiting around for someone to ask you.

Myla Rugge is one of those people who inspires you to dare greatly. An hour with her, and the impossible seems possible. It was no surprise to me that she was the creator of The Seattle Mom Prom.

Myla loves dancing to late 80s jams, wearing (and eating) candy necklaces, rocking Chuck Taylor Converse, reading the newspaper, taking long walks, and collecting all things Wonder Woman. She is passionate about helping people, especially moms and students.


In between conversations with her sons about Rubik’s cubes and the color green, and watching movies with her ever-supportive husband, she can be found speaking locally on a variety of topics, including new parent identity, parent development, and how to raise well-round people, as wells as planning her favorite dance party benefit – The Seattle Mom Prom.

I recently sat down with Myla to learn more about the birth of The Seattle Mom Prom and everything you need to know to get yourself there. Here’s what Myla had to say:

What inspired you to start Mom Prom?

Myla: As a new mom I found motherhood to be indescribably difficult and lonely. I felt like needed a party, as did all my friends, to get a break from the hard work we were doing and to be celebrated and honored.

There are those who capped off another fabulous year of high school with prom, and there are others who never got asked. What’s different about this prom?

Myla: This Prom is really just a night to be free. It is an evening for women to dance all night, eat yummy treats, get their hair and make-up done, consume delicious drinks, take hilarious photos, all while surrounded by their friends and other awesome women.

Do I need a date? What about a new dress?

Myla: Prom is a celebration for all women, so gather your girlfriends up and get ready for a good time. While this is a ladies only event, it is not a moms only event. If you REALLY want to bring a date, bring your mom! As for a dress, there is no dress code or theme for Prom. Attendees are encouraged to wear what’s comfortable for them. It is total “come as you are”. In past years ladies have worn everything from old prom/bridesmaid dresses to jeans and t-shirts.

The proceeds from the event are donated to Perinatal Support Washington. What’s the connection?

Myla: Perinatal Support Washington (formerly Postpartum Support International of WA) has been providing resources and supporting families with Pregnancy and Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders for more than twenty-five years. They provide incredibly valuable programming and services such as free mother-to-mother phone support, free drop-in support groups, free public seminars, educational publications, and educational trainings for professionals. They are currently leading a statewide education and awareness campaign regarding the nature and management of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

What is one thing you think moms should bring with them? And what should they leave at home?

Myla: They should bring their friends and a sense of fun (comfortable shoes aren’t a bad idea either). And they should leave their young kids. We do welcome babes-in-arms (we have a pumping area), but I am always hoping moms get to have the night off, completely.

What is your hope for women who attend Mom Prom?

Myla: I hope that they have FUN – in ALL CAPS! That really is my main goal. I want attendees, moms especially, to feel like they are free, off the clock and surrounded by people who understand and relate to them. I want all women who come Prom to feel accepted, honored and celebrated.

The ultimate mom dance party? Sounds amazing. I need details. Where? When?

Myla: The Seattle Mom Prom takes place on May 19, 2018 from 8:00 PM to Midnight at Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Thanks Myla for creating this wonderful event in our community. Moms, put on your boogie shoes and get your tickets today!