What Clients are saying

Sarina, I think you’re really shifted both my wife and I with respect to our relationship to our son. The energy in the house is much better, we feel much closer to him and are much less likely to say hurtful things to him.

It’s funny that by parenting on instinct I was treating my children much worse than I would any adult placed under my supervision at work. As far as I’m concerned you are a gift from God and have saved my family from years of heartache, drama and likely tragedy.
— Father of 2, Seattle, WA
Erin is competent, kind, non-shaming in her guidance on caring for kids and amazing at connecting people with resources for on-going learning.
— Parent, Seattle, WA
Erin is open, knowledgeable and authentic.
— Parent, Seattle, WA
Thank you, thank you, thank you Sarina! I can’t tell you what a huge help you have been and continue to be! My stress level is greatly reduced and I am finding more joy in parenting than I have before! Thank you also for sharing your personal experiences this session, it made me feel vastly better about something I have been struggling with recently!
— Mother of 2, Seattle, WA
Sarina Natkin is an amazing Parent Coach. She not only has a great deal of knowledge, but knows how to share it in a way that makes sense and allows parents to create plans and act on them. We hired Sarina for help when we were having issues around sleep with our then almost three year old. Sarina asked a lot of questions and shared with us a lot of knowledge. With her help we were able to come up with a plan that made sense and was workable for us to put into action. She provided us with useful and helpful tools for being better parents. I highly recommend Sarina.
— Jenn, Mother of 2, Seattle, WA
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarina at PEPS as they developed and delivered facilitation skills training for our Volunteer Group Leaders. They are a great team to work with – very knowledgeable on the topic, and very open to and proactive about incorporating all of our feedback. They are both personable and professional and fun! Our group leaders who attended the training reported that they learned new facilitation and really enjoyed the training.

— Mary Power, PEPS Program Director
Erin is a patient listener with an aptitude for asking good questions.
— Parent, Seattle, WA
Hi Sarina. It’s been about 8 months since you helped me tremendously with my baby girl. I was depressed, exhausted and losing my mind. I had a few phone calls with you, and my life changed. My daughter is now 14 months old and a wonderful sleeper, and I feel I owe it all to you and the tips you taught me. Thank you again!
— Nicole, Seattle, WA
Erin is very present, calm and knowledgeable
— Class Participant, Seattle, WA
“Sarina was incredibly helpful recently when we were struggling to cope with getting our toddlers to help contribute to cleaning up toys. She offered multiple creative ideas that have since been put into practice, and I’m happy to report that cleanup time is now much less stressful. Thanks Sarina!”
— Juliette, Seattle, WA
Erin is empathetic and I always felt respected and listened to during the discussions. She is wonderful with children and understands what we are all going through.
— Parent, Seattle, WA
I contacted Sarina after reading her advice to another parent on a moms list-serve. I was very impressed with her advice to that parent and wondered if she could help me with some issues we were having with our middle child regarding his behavior toward his new sister. I had tried several different things, but we just couldn’t seem to stop the cycle of hostility. Even without having a lot of information about our family, her guidance was wonderful, insightful, creative, and very child-centered. She was supportive and kind and gave me several suggestions of things to try. She openly shared some of her own experiences with her children—which I found very comforting.

Often it seems that parenting advice employs a lot of concepts which are relatively easy to grasp, but difficult to implement—particularly in the heat of the moment. Sarina gave me specific phrasing of things to say to my son and that has been incredibly helpful. She seems to be a natural at navigating these challenging parenting issues. So that was last week and guess what? This week our son seems much happier and we haven’t had one swipe at his sister!
— Lori, Physician, Seattle, WA
Erin is very non-judgmental, open and kind.
— Parent, Seattle, WA
I had the opportunity to participate in a PEPS Facilitator Training program led by both Melissa and Sarina. I was initially struck by the very natural and easy rapport that they shared with one another. As the session progressed, however, I found myself truly impressed by their depth-of-knowledge, ability to facilitate group meetings and most importantly, their ability to make participants feel comfortable and at ease. I left feeling excited and truly prepared to lead my first PEPS group and felt that I had two reliable and knowledgeable resources to turn to if needed.
— Cindy, Seattle, WA
Erin is warm, welcoming and validating of all opinions and backgrounds.
— Parent, Seattle, WA
I heard Sarina speak at our elementary school where she helped focus the parent audience on ‘Positive Discipline’ techniques. She interacts with the parents in a real and humorous way, teaching by asking questions and drawing out relevant insights for all ages and issues.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sarina’s discussion-led evening and grew my ‘parental toolbox’ 3-fold. My biggest learning included how to find ways to connect with our kids, especially during times of misbehavior, and to always keep the end game in mind - creating a space where our children grow into creative, resourceful, happy, respectful adults.
— Liz, Giddens School Parent, Seattle, WA
Erin, thank you for being such a calm, nurturing, and reflective presence in our lives.
— Parent, Seattle, WA
Sarina facilitated our ‘Bringing Home Baby’ class. As the sole adoptive parents-to-be in the room, Sarina’s warmth helped us feel welcome and included. She knows what she’s talking about and illustrates the points she’s making with her own, often humorous, stories. We really appreciated hearing her tell us that she’s struggled with many of the same issues we’re confronting, and applied these techniques with success.
— Beth and Joel, Seattle, WA
I felt very supported by Erin.
— Class Participant, Seattle, WA