Cabin Fever!


If you are in the Seattle area, you have most likely been home all week with the kiddos. You may have had a brief break on Tuesday when school started two hours late and ended two hours early, but besides that, most of us have been home since the snow came on Sunday. I have been reflecting lately on how the sheer joy of a snow day as a child can turn us into grumpy parents, wondering when life can get back to normal. So four days in to our Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon or whatever you want to call it, let’s help each other out.

Here's 5 indoor activities using things many of us have in the house to help entertain the wee ones. Then it's your turn!

1) Streamers or Toilet Paper

While this is technically wasting paper, which we are often reminding our kids not to do, if you have been on kid duty since the weekend it might just be worth it. Let them t.p. the inside of the house or design some new clothes by wrapping it around themselves.

2) Shaving Cream

Fill up a bowl, bucket or any other largish container and let them at it. Throw in some measuring cups, plastic containers, a whisk, a ladle and they should be ready to create. It cleans up pretty easy too


3) Painters Tape or Masking Tape

Both of these tapes come off walls, floors and furniture very easy (test first, some are stickier than others). Kids can make a hopscotch game on the floor with the tape, they can tape toys together to create new inventions. See how many different uses they can find for it.

4) Cleaning Party

Arm your preschooler with a duster, rag and spray bottle with water. Kids love to play clean up when we are not actually asking them to! Ask them to dust or wipe down their toy area. I have seen a three year old keep busy for an hour with a spray bottle and a rag!

5) Teddy Bear Hide and Seek

Hide a stuffed animal and let your little one find it. You can give them clues by saying warmer and colder as they search. Warning-I recommend not using a favorite snuggle. Little ones may become distressed if they can't find it immediately and I know many of us have been known to get distracted and forget where we put things!

Ready for your turn? Tell us what you do to keep yourself and your kiddos sane when stuck indoors. Trust me, we could use the ideas too!