Get Into The Groove: Top Tips For Back To School Bliss


Is the end of summer really here? It seems like we were just in June looking out at a few months of sunny days and a break from the school year routine. Whether you can’t wait to get your kids back in to the routine of school or you are wishing for an endless summer, it’s time to dust off the backpacks and lunch boxes and gear up for the rapidly approaching start of school.

Before you start panicking about bedtimes, homework, and how you are going to get two kids to different schools at the same time, take a deep breath and relax. We've got you covered. We’ve gathered up our top blog posts on all things school related to get you back in the school year groove. Now, hit the books!

Got a fashionista on your hands? Check out Rebel Without A Raincoat for tips on avoiding clothing conflicts.

Unless you are in school too, homework shouldn’t be in your hands.Who’s Homework Is It can help you and your child put this battle to bed for good.

From getting out the door in the morning to getting them to bed at night, 3 Ways to Conquer Chaos & Ease Your Family Back Into School will get you both places on the right foot.

Got a school newbie on your hands? Learn how to minimize drop off stress for you and your child in Should I Stay or Should I Go: Ending Drop-off Drama.

Now that you are armed with the tips and tricks our families use to keep life on track, you are ready to start the school year off right. And remember, those first few weeks can be bumpy, so hang on and know the turbulence is temporary. Before you know it, your family will be reach cruising altitude and another year will fly by. Enjoy the flight.