Parent coaching

Because Children Don't Come With An Instruction Manual

Parenting is the hardest job out there, with little training before you start. When new challenges arise, we may find ourselves worried, scared, angry and unsure how to move forward. You don't have to go it alone! Together, we will identify the strengths your family already has, and develop strategies to address the challenges you face. Consider parent coaching your on the job training. 

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Parent Coaching Will Help You:

Feel Confident as a parent.

Discipline in a way that builds critical life skills.

Support your child's learning & development.

Resolve ongoing parenting challenges with kindness & firmness.

Gain insight into your emotions and how they can help you

Increase connection with your partner & strengthen family relationships.

Enjoy the parenting journey!


1 Hour Session: $150
4 Hour Package: $550


First 15 minute phone consultation is FREE


How does parent coaching work?
Coaching will take place over the phone or in person. Your coach will listen deeply to the challenges you are facing and the impact they have on your family. Together we will identify goals and develop strategies to work towards them. We will continually evaluate our progress and adjust our goals and strategies as needed

Are your services confidential?
Yes. I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and adhere to all of the ethics and standards set forth in the social work code of ethics and State of Washington laws.

Do you accept insurance?
I do not accept insurance at this time. Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis to provide coverage and parent education and support do not necessitate this sort of diagnosis.

What is your cancellation policy?
I require 24 hours notice if you will be unable to make your session. If sessions are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the full cost of the session.

What is the difference between therapy & coaching?
Although I am trained as a clinical therapist, my role as a parent coach is to assist you in addressing current challenges and develop a plan to move forward. While we may discover information about your own childhood that helps you understand your parenting perspective, this is not the focus of our work. If it becomes apparent that therapy or other modalities would be helpful, I can assist you in finding someone to address those needs.

Do you work with groups?
Yes! Many parents benefit from group parenting consultations. If you have a few friends and want a regular space to learn and grow as a parent, we can make that happen. Please contact Sarina for further information.

My partner and I see a situation differently. Can you help us?
Yes! One of the challenges of parenting together is we each bring our own perspective on the issue, yet we must embrace one approach to the problem. Parenting cooperatively is an important skill that leads to healthier relationships and happier children.

I am pregnant and want help getting ready for baby. Can you help?
Yes! I can assist you and your partner in preparing for baby both physically and emotionally. If you already have children and are adding to the family, I can offer support and strategies for easing the transition for older siblings.

Coaching Can Help With...

General Parenting Issues: Effective Limit Setting, Establishing Routines and Schedules, Understanding your Unique Child, Planning for and Managing Transitions, Preparing your Child for a New Baby, Sibling Conflict, Separation and Divorce.

Behavioral Challenges: Power Struggles, Feeding Issues, Conflict Regulation, Separation Anxiety, Sleeping Challenges, Toilet Training, Homework Battles, Chores, Hitting and Biting.

Pregnancy & Infancy: Preparing for Birth, Finding a Doula, Planning for Life with Baby, Sleeping & Feeding Issues, Childcare Options, Easing Baby into a Schedule.

Parenting as a Couple: Relationship Support in the Transition to Parenthood, Parenting as a Team, Effective Communication Skills.

Social World of Children: Childcare Choices, Educational Options, Navigating Peer Relationships, Bullying in the School Environment, Transition to School.