Parent coaching

Because Children Don't Come With An Instruction Manual

Parenting is the hardest job out there, with little training before you start. When new challenges arise, we may find ourselves worried, scared, angry and unsure how to move forward. You don't have to go it alone! Together, we will identify the strengths your family already has, and develop strategies to address the challenges you face. Consider parent coaching your on the job training. 

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Parent Coaching Will Help You:

Feel Confident as a parent.

Discipline in a way that builds critical life skills.

Support your child's learning & development.

Resolve ongoing parenting challenges with kindness & firmness.

Gain insight into your emotions and how they can help you

Increase connection with your partner & strengthen family relationships.

Enjoy the parenting journey!

Our Coaches


Sarina Behar Natkin, MSW, LICSW

Available for Phone Coaching Only

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Erin Bernau, MSW, LICSW

Available for In Person & Phone Coaching

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